Meet the Trainers


Our staff is made up of military veterans, civilian tradesmen and people interested in bettering the lives of our returning Military Veteran men and women. Some of our staff have run their own nonprofit organizations for the benefit of our veterans.


Gerald Vidmar - Gerald is Owner and President of Custom Integrated Designs, a remodeling company. Over his forty plus years in the carpentry and remodeling business Gerald has trained many young men and women that have gone on to have successful careers in the building industry many of which now own their own business. He is currently President of The Sandpiper Houseboat Corporation. He is also President and Construction Operations Manager of The Tiny Home Objective. Gerald has been married for 31 years and has two children and one grandchild.


Todd Liles – Retired Navy Chief Todd Liles has a logistics background from his Navel career and is currently working with Gerald Vidmar at Custom Integrated Designs. He does framing, trim installation and cabinet building and is also the owner of his own Handyman business. He has trained with Gerald for about 4 years and is a very accomplished craftsmen. He is married and has one son. He is very excited to extend his career into this training opportunity with other veterans and will serve as a liaison and mentor for the service men and women he will help train.   


Alan Peak - Retired Army Specialist Alan Peak is one of the original inspirations for the Tiny Home Objective. His experience exiting from his Military Service career was very difficult and much like many of the veterans that we are trying to help. He discovered the opportunity to build his own tiny home and is currently enjoying his life living in the tiny home he built. He will provide inspiration and motivation to the soldiers that will begin the same venture that he has successfully completed and will help train and mentor our veterans through the process of building their own tiny home. He is also preparing to train in a career as an electrician. He is also working occasionally with Todd and Gerald at Custom Integrated Designs to further his training in home construction and remodeling. He will be an entry level trainer for the Tiny Home Objective. He has a young daughter that he is raising along with his ex-wife and is very excited to share the success and hope for his future that he discovered building his own tiny home with our veterans.